A consultation can take 10-40min depending on the number of questions someone has.

We do not allow infants, children, or any individuals into the dispensary who are under the age of 21 (unless they are a medical patient).

All of our product comes from trusted local growers and processors here in Southwest Michigan. Products are thoroughly tested and properly stored to meet all state regulations.

No, it is not permitted to test or use any products purchased from our provision center on site.

We can assist 5 patients/customers at a time. Our waiting room accommodates 10+ people with menus and information while they wait. Our wait times are some of the fastest around!

Yes, all of our products undergo a series of lab tests before they can be sold. Comprehensive testing will include tests for potency, microbial contamination, residual solvents used during extraction, and terpenes.

We accept Cash, Debit Card, and PIN enabled Credit Cards. Please check with your bank for applicable fees.

Adults 21 years or older can legally consume cannabis as directed by state law, but they cannot use cannabis in any public place or a moving vehicle. 

It is illegal by state law to drive under the influence of cannabis.